The OBW is part TOY and part NOVELTY character. It  was created by artist, Ray Gatica, as a baby gift for a  friend’s newborn baby. "I wanted to give the new baby a purposeful, meaningful  baby gift: 'A gift from the heart.'  I thought - “If I could give any one thing to any child - it would be their very own special  li'l silent sentinel that would watch over them forever”, the artist.  From this warm, loving thought - the OBW character was born. 

NOW, through the subsequent OBW plush dolls, that double as decorative wall-hangings (below (left)) - the whole world can share this warm thought with their babies, and small children, and that of friends. The idea behind the dolls is that when the baby is not playing with the doll, they get hung up on the while where it performs it fanciful duty - that of being a Baby Watcher. 

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PURPOSE & MISSION:  The character’s Purpose and Mission is to watch over babies and small children (in a fanciful way, of course). BUT, we believe the story book (Read online story on which the characters is based) will inspire and illicit participation from the family, but especially children - to become extensions of the character and become "Li’l Baby Watchers Helpers" - to watch over their little baby brothers' or sister's well being; This serves to  make the character’s "Fanciful" Mission become a warm "Reality".

This gives us the opportunity to introduce the assorted family oriented ancillary products the family can use to jump on its bandwagon.

The OBW is designed to be a perennial seller - as it coincides with the perpetual newborn market; So as long as there are babies being born the OBW will be there for them.  He is non-gender specific and, multicultural - thus making it the perfect, first  baby gift for babies - baby boys and girls and small children of all nationalities. They are destined to become wonderful keepsakes that can be passed-on through generations.

 Licensing possibilities: Join us in spreading its warm Purpose and Mission world-wide.

  CONTACT: Ray Gatica: 281-441-9714, or email, for Prices and Ordering Information.  

NOTE to readers: All images herein and the corresponding website are copyrighted. And the following Trademarks/Tradenames: The Official Baby Watcher™, The OBW™, and The Lil Baby Watcher™, "The Little Silent Sentinel" all apply to the one-and-same character, and are used interchangeably by the author/artist, and are the property of, Ray Gatica.

THOUGHTFULRayOBWs3x3.jpg (144457 bytes)L BABY GIFTS: The dolls come in four-hair and skin-color combinations (at left) serving to make them multicultural and suitable for all nationalities.  

When the OBW doll is shared with a small family member or friend child - it is an extension of the givers “caring and love” for the child.  They make meaningful, “Gifts from the Heart”

At right: Each Doll/Wall-hanging Package includes a story card (on which the character is based) and a personalization card.




  The Official Baby Watcher (The O.B.W.™)
A "Fanciful" Baby Watchman Character with a "Real" Purpose and Mission
Copyright, Gatica 8/2015

Meet The Official Baby Watcher  
 He is a little baby Watchman, a li'l silent sentinel
for babies.