Note: "The Official Baby Watcher", The OBW, and The Li'l Baby Watcher, are the same character; the trademarks/tradenames are used interchangeably by the artist.

Who is the Official Baby Watcher? You ask. Read on...

The Concept: The Official Baby Watcher (OBW) is part toy and part novelty concept. is a multifaceted, artistic conceptual, children?s character, created and designed by, artist Ray Gatica.  The market vehicle is a children's storybook, but through licensing - a short animated film based on the story and existing colorful illustrations, is foreseeable in the near future. Read the Illustrated The Official Baby Watcher Story, on which the character is based.

The concept/character was born a few years ago out of the artist?s need for a meaningful caring gift for a friend's newborn baby. Read A Few Words from the Artist/Creator; and; Article: Art Imitates Life

The character is a special Li?l Baby Watchman, (a little Silent Sentinel) that watches over babies and small children lovingly and dutifully (in a fanciful way of course). The character is an extension to the illustrated The Official Baby Watcher story, written and illustrated by the artist.  Read relevant Story Excerpts on how he got his name, w//Epilogue.

The Purpose and Mission: We see The OBW as a ?Fanciful? character with a ?Real? warm Purpose and Mission ? ?to rally and unite families/children for the purpose of watching over babies? and small children?s well being?. Inspired by the story, the family (especially children, older siblings of the baby) will become willing participants in watching over their little baby brothers or sister?s well being - serving to make its fun, ?fanciful? mission a warm ?reality?. It may even be used as a tool to curb sibling rivalry. Read more on this.

The Market: Eventhough the market is the general family, from doting grand parents and other relatives and friends or babies and small children. Further more, the concept/character/name can easily translate into various languages and nationalities for a worldwide market.

The Market Vehicle: "The OBW" Storybook, Through the storybook, the family will learn how this seemingly unimportant little misfit named Wob, overcomes his fears and self-doubt, and goes though a magical transformation that allows him to save the baby in the story from imminent danger - to become a hero of-a-different-sort. Read relevant Story Excerpt on how he earned his title.

The storybook, the market vehicle for now, is 14 pages (w/illustrations) of non-mushy reading for ages 3 on up. Even though the story is for small children adults will also be touched by its message because ?it is also for the misfit is us all?. 

The Primary Products Based On The Concept/Character Defined:  
The character is presented to the market via the primary item a novelty /toy baby gift: a cleverly designed, child-safe, playable, plush doll that doubles as a decorative, stimulating wallhanging for the baby?s room. The idea with this is that when the baby is not playing with the doll - it is designed to hang on the wall where it performs its fanciful duty - to watch over the baby - hence the name ? ?The Li?l Baby Watcher.?

When the OBW doll, as a novelty/toy gift is shared with a small family member or friend - it is an extension of the givers ?respect and love? for the child. They make wonderful, meaningful, loving, caring -?Gifts from the Heart? ? that says one cares. They expected to pull on the families? heartstrings and emotions - to evoke and strong buy-me perennial response from doting grandparents, parents and general family members and friends of babies and small children.

The dolls are 15? tall and made of quality, soft plush. They are an extension of the story, where The Li?l Baby Watcher comes to life and are based on  The OBW Sculptor (the original character design, a 30? tall sculptor; based on The OBW Story?s Description of the character. The dolls are child-safe and suitable for ages 3 on up, or younger, with adult supervision. They are unique gift items because besides being the obvious: playable dolls - they are also a stimulating, decorative wallhangings for the baby?s room. 

Each Doll package includes: 1-OBW Story-card  - A brief version of the Storybook, serves to introduce the character to the family and children. And 1-Personalization Placard ? to get filled in with the child?s name and birth date, and gets hung on the wall next to the doll/ wallhanging.  This serves to personalize the doll and form a loving bond between the child and his/her Li?l Baby Watcher. See Doll Package.

Multicultural Dolls:  (See them all) The dolls come in assorted faces and hair color combinations that reflect our multicultural society. This will add to their collect ability and also serves to broaden their market. And because they are not gender specific they are equally suitable for baby boys and girls. They are intended to be caring gifts that will be passed-on through generations- to become lovable keepsakes.

Ancillary/Supporting Products Defined: Even though, the principle item is a baby gift, the concept involves other gift items that revolve around the character and concept and are designed to get the family involved n its fun mission. 

See Future, licensable products 
?The OBW Helper?s T-shirts
: The T-shirts are designed for the family to proudly wear and display during their support for the character and as they help the character perform his purpose and mission. Therefore, it is with the families, especially the children?s help ? the characters ?fanciful? mission becomes a warm ?reality?.

The above items are especially fun for children, but adults, too, can have fun wearing the T-shirts, the family/children can help the OBW watch over their baby brother and sisters well being and, become a part of the ?OBW Helpers Team. The shirts are a new and positive, fun way for building team-spirit, and recruiting siblings to watch over their younger brothers and sisters - serving to make them a part of something important and positive. They are a new way to help build Team Spirit! These items will allow families to show their support for the OBW character?s Wholesome Purpose and Mission, on the streets.

Long Term Success: The concept /character are destined to become a classic. The character and dolls are destined to become a classic character/property, because as long there are babies being born the OBW will be there. Ultimately, they are fine, collectible artistic keepsakes. They also make the ultimate, Baby Shower gifts!  Families will collect them all!  They can be shared with babies of families and friends of all nationalities. They are destined to become wonderful keepsakes, as they get passed-on through generations.

Conclusion: The OBW is a positive, nonviolent, non-mushy character, and unlike many of the insignificant toys and characters currently on the market today - he is a special little character - with redeeming social-value. The character has a lot of goodness to offer families. We believe today?s discerning families, who expect more from children?s character will see the OBW?s true value and will warmly embrace the character, especially children.?

About the Artist 

 All parts of this submission are to be kept in confidence and are submitted for the purpose of negotiating a licensing deal with the recipient/s and/or authorized parties. 

For more information visit our website: www.TheLilBabyWatcher.Com.
Contact: Ray Gatica ?281-441-9714, or Email at:
Whimsy Art & Design Studio
15627 Old Humble Rd
Humble, TX 77396-2247




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The Official Baby Watcher? (The OBW?), The Li?l Baby Watcher?
A 'Fanciful' Baby, Watchman with a ''Real' Purpose and Mission.?

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