April 28, 2017

Gatica Art
 15627 Old Humble Rd.
Humble, TX 77396

Contact: Ray Gatica, 281-441-9714, Email:




Local long-time artist is looking for a student or two or so, who wish to Learn art, for free, in exchange, for helping him, by working  along with him to complete some personal, abandoned art projects around his home based art studio in, Humble, TX.  This is free to the right candidates. Please make contact

 ?After thirty-five-years creating art and designing for a host of commercial and private clients, I have gotten to an age (63) where I have slowed down in the past few year? says artist, Ray Gatica, ?I therefore have a few personal small unfinished artistic projects including some yard art and sculptures that an assistant/student could learn and benefit by watching and helping me complete.?

I see this as an opportunity for me to pass-forward different atypical art techniques to someone who wishes to learn art from an unconventional, atypical edgy artist in a low key environment. This is an opportunity for them to take what they learn here and go into a possibly new personal direction in art.

The students/assistants will have access to shop/studio space, acrylic paints, brushes, canvas, airbrushes, all materials, power tools, equipment, and other materials like styrofoam, plexiglass, and glass found around the yard; This also gives them a chance to dabble in assorted media, not just traditional painting. They can also use the work shop if they want to work on a personal art project. Most materials and supplies will be provided. Gatica will also help the students with a personal project they may want to explore.

To be considered, the candidates must be over the age of 18, but there is no age limit.  The possible candidates must have a genuine interest in learning art, and don?t mind getting their hands and clothes dirty. Most importantly, they also must have a positive attitude, willingness to see things differently along with the commitment, and, lastly, I ask they be respectful of our time together. They must also be able to lift 30 pounds. They can contact me email-wise and I will provide a link where they can see my extensive eclectic, oeuvre, of things they may wish to explore.

Candidates Duties: In general, the assistant will help Gatica to complete unfinished art projects around his home based studio and will include cleaning brushes, airbrush equipment, the shop, other equipment, and helping along with painting and moving art sculptures etc., around the yard.

Their time commitment is two - three hours a week, but this is flexible.  After they help me with whatever I need help on, they can work on their own projects and have access to the shop/studio space, materials and equipment.

Candidates may contact the artist with any questions or concerns at 281-441-9714. Please email essays to I ask they also include sample pics of their interests.

Candidates can see assorted atypical works we have been involved in at the following websites:  and the following corresponding websites:,,




NOTE TO EDITOR: I can be reached at 281-441-9714 to further expound on this project. You can see our eclectic oeuvre at the following link:; and to read some of our press material going all the way back to 1985 see: Press Page. 

At the following sites you can see more of our works and what we have been up to over the past thirty-five years:,,


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